Nic 5Nic Paton holds a B Mus degree (in Composition and Jazz Studies) and has traversed an exceptionally broad range of musical landscapes, including rock, jazz, songwriting, electronica, choral, African and World music, as a performer, composer, and producer.

Nic’s music supports film, documentary, television, jingles and commercial productions, creating the space needed to enhance the emotional aspects of narrative and message. He is sensitive to directorial and artistic vision and finds as much satisfaction in collaborating as in creating original music.

In 2018 he scored the Leon Schuster feature “Frank and Fearless”, a bushveld caper with a heart for rhinos directed by Gray Hofmeyr, “The Last Of The Big Tuskers”, a wildlife documentary about the ivory trade, by James Currie, and “On Common Ground” a short film by Stephen Schmidt on 2 celebrated South African photographers.

Nic works with production music libraries in the UK, Germany, Australia and South Africa. Since 2011 he has delivered 21 well-received albums for 6 such libraries, in addition to a variety of corporate and commercial work.

In 2015 he produced composed and produced a suite for string quartet and choir, “Valley Of The Shadow – Rites Of Loss”, a musical journey through the grieving process. This was used as the base score for a new ballet, “Bengingazi”, by celebrated choreographer Adele Blank. His new work, also for strings and choir, is called “The One” and is due out later in 2018.

Deeply versed in the disciplines of jazz and orchestral arrangement, and conventional instrumentation (playing guitar, piano and saxophone), Nic also employs a swathe of more exotic instruments such as zouk (Irish Bouzouki), mandolin, baglama, valiha, charango, cittern and bass clarinet. He is equally at home with the sonic possibilities of the digital domain as he is in perennial acoustic styles. Furthermore, he has been immersed in African musical forms for several decades.

His influences include composers such as Alexandre Desplat, Karl Jenkins, Hans Zimmer, Alberto Iglesias and James Horner, eclectic visionaries like Nitin Sawhney and Tananas, and master songsmiths like Peter Gabriel and Neil Finn.

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