A selection of existing media music showing the emotional range and particular style of my work, with a variety of collaborators, instrumentation and genres. This encompasses the mysterious and numinous, espionage and crime, awe and nature, World/African/Eastern musics, post-apocalyptic dystopian, and poignant emotive approaches. These are full versions that also exist in many varieties and alternative mixes, minimal, short, stings, transitions and stems. Many are published with and available though numerous libraries; details upon request.

‘Springa’ – Energetic chase scenesetter:

‘Niflheim Land Of Fog’ – Epic and immersive melodic soundscape:

‘The Crunch’ – Ominous, dark and dramatic pulse:

‘Arcanum’ – Poignant dark and intimate:

‘Emptiness’ – Eastern inflected soundscape:

‘Tomb of Secrets’ – Regal Eastern theme:

‘Protagon’ – Compelling but unsettling score:

‘Baldr’s Sky’ – Nordic choral grandeur evoking awe and majesty:

‘Never Look Back’ – Classic espionage trope:

‘The Spell’ – Poignant fantasy theme:

‘Counting The Cost’ – Orchestral pre-battle epic:

‘Red Sand Pursuit’ – Throbbing didgeridoo chase:

‘Silver or Lead (Plato O Plumo)’ – Classic espionage with a Sicilian twist:

‘Wistful Mermaid’ – Poignant fantasy theme:

‘Sinking Down’ – Mysterious, introspective scenesetter:

‘Petroglyph’ – Pulsing intrigue with flute and bow:

‘Waiting For Rain’ – African guitar pulse:

‘All My Relativity’ – Dark intimate piano study:

‘Swirls Within Swirls’ – Shimmering Eastern trope:

‘Fictions Of God’ – Urgent epic orchestral theme:

‘Starlit Path’ – Scenesetting world pulse with a celestial flavour:

‘The Passers-By’ – Intimate dark and pianistic: