“Exquisite! Spacious and haunting and evocative of the deep emotions.  The unconscious, inarticulate and hidden feelings often in shadow in our living are engaged and set free . The music non-intrusively awakens the mind and heart as it slowly traces and insinuates a pattern for conscious being. In our quest for wellness, always so elusive for us as humans, particularly when we are suffering, we begin to see the glimmer of another horizon or starting place.”

Rev. Peter Fox, author, pastoral therapist, ritual facilitator, palliative care educator and grief therapist, and former spiritual care director, St Luke’s Hospice.

“What can one say in the face of loss and grief? There are no words that can plumb the depths of what it is to face the transience of human existence. And yet Valley of the Shadow expresses what words cannot. These haunting pieces, elegiac yet somehow uplifting, speak to the universal experience of doing the hard work of grieving and giving meaning to suffering.”

Rev. Marius Brand, pastoral therapist, and former spiritual care director, St Luke’s Hospice.