In March 2020, just as Covid19 hit hard, we launched Nordic Nights. That was the sound of the Northern lights and the Arctic twilight.

Now, we go deeper, much deeper, into the moerk – the dark. This is #NORDICNOIR, now out on Story Recordings, a Swedish/German production music label and part of DNA Musik.

The music of #NORDICNOIR lurks in the same shadowlands as tele-filmic dramas such as “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, “Broen (The Bridge)”, “Occupied” and “The Valhalla Murders”.  Edgy, mysterious and provocative, it’s a mixture of contemporary sound design, minimalist melodic, explosive percussion, and dissonant urban dystopias, bordering on the ‘avant garde’.

Co-writer Ronan Skillen comments, “Since the Scandi-Noir vein is still so current, and an ever-popular crime genre, it can’t hurt to be a little experimental here”.

Story Recordings’ Julius Majoros sees the project as “a broad, intelligent, artistic and dark mix of very high quality tracks”, and DNA’s Anet Mainka, who championed “Nordic Nights”, says “Nordic Noir … is simply brilliant”.