Between Worlds (2018)

A bio-vid about Nic Paton and his music by Greg Bakker.

“Fairytales and Fantasy” (2016)

Watch John Bartmann and Nic Paton muse about “Fairytales and Fantasy”, their release December 2016 release on Munich-based production music label Minds and Music.

Composer interview (2012)

Nic Paton interviewed by Mama Dance’s Craig McGahey.

The Sout Project (2010)

Emergent visionary Brian McLaren, dazzling African choir Siyaya, and traditional muse Madosini mixed with exotic instrumentation & organic electronica: Cape Towns Sout Project present a startlingly fresh, eminently singable approach to the sacred: Story.

Jazzanians on CBS (1988)

CBS documentary from 1988 about the Jazzanians, the University of Natal Jazz ensemble under the direction of Darius Brubeck. In its 1988 tours of the USA theh band appeared on CBS News with Billy Taylor. The band consisted of the late Johnny Mekoa (trumpet), Andrew Eagle (guitar), the late Zim Nqawana (sax), Nick Paton (sax), Victor Masondo (bass), Kevin Gibson (drums), Melvin Peters (piano), Rick Van Heerden (sax), and the late Lulu Gontsana (drums).