Nic Paton composes world music for media and film as well as neo-classical spiritually-themed works.

His scores have appeared in numerous films, documentaries, music videos, and TV commercials.

Over the last year he has broken fully into international production music with albums on the UK’s Evolution Media (e.g. Wonders of Nature: South America) and Germany’s Minds and Music, launching Nordic Nights in March 2020.

In 2018 he scored the Leon Schuster feature “Frank and Fearless”, a bushveld caper with a heart for rhinos directed by Gray Hofmeyr.

Additionally, he released “The One”, a song cycle for strings and choir, based on Persian poet Rumi’s timeless poem “One Song”. 

In 2015 he composed and produced a suite for string quartet and choir, “Valley Of The Shadow – Rites Of Loss”, a musical journey through the grieving process. This was used as the base score for a new ballet, “Bengingazi”, by celebrated choreographer Adele Blank.

Nic works extensively with production music libraries in the UK, Germany, Australia and South Africa. Since 2011 he has delivered 30 well-received albums for 8 such libraries, in addition to a variety of corporate and commercial work.

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