In building these three varied albums around the concept of music for desert landscapes, Nic Paton has brought creativity, focus and care, along with a range of indigenous instrumentation, and crafted a set of beautiful cinematic underscores.  A pleasure to produce.

David Pearce, Producer, Evolution Media Music

Nic Paton is a hero in the world of composition and production music. His incredible passion, masterful playing and multi-faceted production skills, especially when it comes to the implementation of real acoustic instruments, captured my undivided attention right from the start. Nic is a world class player, composer and friend to all musicians and producers who have the great fortune and pleasure of working with him.

Annette Mainka – Director/Producer, MINDS AND MUSIC & DNA MUSIK

[#NORDICNOIR is] a broad, intelligent, artistic and dark mix of very high quality tracks.

Julius Majoros DNA/Story Recordings

Every once in a blue moon, one stumbles across a rare gem of beauty that reaffirms one’s faith in the wonder of creation and life. The One is – to me – aesthetically perfect, both in form and substance. It is structurally coherent, yet diverse in its use of voice and instrumentation; the whole is unified by a single theme: we have one life, and as we journey through its cycle – the circle of existence – our souls are united by our shared humanity.

Chih Chan, Melbourne 

Rich, resonant music. Well worth exploring if you’re working with visual media. [Nordic Nights]

Alastair McKay, author, adult educator, coach and consultant, London UK.

As a busy director (BAFTA and RTS nominated) I hear a lot of soundtrack music and it can often feel bland, but Nic’s work sounds fresh and distinctive. To my British ear, there is a definite African influence which is sometimes heightened by subject matter but at other times very subtle.

John Alexander, Director (White Heat, Exile)

His work blew me away right from the start of the project … he is able to accurately express humour, melancholy, hope or anything else, at lightening speed. He is truly a gifted artist.

Marisa van Jaarsveld, Director (2013 Inyathelo Awards)

I have witnessed Nic Paton’s evolution as a creative musician over decades, from singer-songwriter to jazz saxophonist with an Afro-centric focus to electronic experimenter and now full-time composer. He has gained craft and depth during every phase and has the ability to weave in sounds and layered cultural references that enhance moods and support story-telling.

Darius Brubeck, Jazz Artist and Educator

Nic’s music effortlessly expresses the wide range of emotions and moods so essential for documentary, film and TV programming … We will definitely be using him for future Film sound track and Advertising commissions.

Craig McGahey,  Mama Dance ! Music library

We asked Nic to compose the score for the trailer of Otelo Burning at short notice. He quickly provided several options and themes and made sure that we had everything finalised on time for the release. Most importantly, the final result powerfully captures the director’s intentions; we love it!

Kevin Fleischer, Producer, Otelo Burning

Nic can work in almost any genre and brings an original, inspiring approach to the medium where increasingly too much film music tends to sound the same.

Brian Tilley – Director/Producer, Steps

Nic commits to the project 100% and his music fits like a glove into the production. Thanks for excellence!

Murray MacDonald, Producer, The Fabulous Boomtown Boys

What I most enjoyed was the sensitive and intelligent way he engaged with the story I was trying to tell, and how in the final product, the music holds up and supports the visuals without overpowering them.

Jemima Spring, Director, Slipstream

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