Guitarist/Pianist/Composer Andrew Eagle and I go back to 1985 when we studied jazz together at the University of (kwaZulu-)Natal, later touring the US with the Jazzanians. He approached me earlier this year to say he would be in Cape Town and suggesting we try a collaboration. He sent me a few ideas to prepare and I fell in love with their lyricism and authenticity.

“Settle Down” is described as World Fusion. In this mix, I switched my guitaring and composing hats for producing and arranging, but the synergy was enthralling and the project a magical, alchemical experience. In addition to arrangements I played clarinets, sax, low flute, some electric guitar, percussion and simple keyboard parts. In addition to all the acoustic guitar, Andrew did the more challenging keyboards. He is a very accomplished pianist; watch this space for much more on that).

From Andrew: “The album is the product of a collaboration with Nic Paton in Cape Town which grew from small beginnings to become a full length album of 12 tunes which Nic arranged and produced. Nic made my rough gems shine and it was a pleasure and a privilege to work with him on this project. The genre of the album might best be described as world fusion with colourful and exotic instrumentation and musical roots in South Africa, Mali and even Argentina.”

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Nic and Andrew, 1989, University of Natal Music Department