We all have to define for ourselves what “spiritual” might mean.

So this is my take : some music which reaches back into our collective heritage, gathers a dusting of received wisdom, and brings perennial words to life.

My new album “Six Or Seven Spiritual Songs” is now afloat: choral harmony, chants, chamber arrangements, colourful instrumentation, and nature soundscapes with ancient echoes and a contemporary aesthetic.

Originally written for us to sing together, these songs do not belong to any one tradition. They are at once universal as well as quite ordinary in scope, exploring relatedness, mystery, inclusiveness, and shared journey of the soul.

Purchase and hear “Six Or Seven Spiritual Songs” on Bandcamp, for best support of artists, and a wonderful lyric booklet included, (just like the old days).

Read about the background to the texts and music.

Stream the music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and others.

And here is my second video, done by Rob Mills: “A Calm Awakening”.

P.S. This is demeaning and embarrassing, but I can’t resist: You may have seen the video of ‘Down Down Down‘ which I shared 2 days ago. For reasons too bizarre to understand, its got over 20K views in the last 24 hours. That’s a 99.5% increase in my lifetime YouTube views, overnight. Ag Shayme.

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