1 The Gates of Remembrance

Overture to a journey

2 Slow Dawn

Awakening from the sleep of denial and dissociation

3 Cup of Sorrow

Bargaining with the inevitability of loss

If it be possible
If it be possible
If it be possible
Take this cup from me

Nevertheless not as I will but that your will be done
The cup of sorrow will be drained by each and every one,
(They all will drink it to the dregs).

 4 Descent

Facing the impasse.

5 Rite of  Fire

Rage at the absurdity. 

6 Gone to Ground

Sinking into silence, returning to the root.    

7 Ferry of Souls

The passage of the soul.

8 Adieu

The final farewell: “To God”

9 While I Thought (Mentre Pensavo)

The consolation. Accepting and integrating the journey from source to destination. Attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci

Mentre pensavo che stavo imparando a vivere,
Ho imparato come morire.

While I thought that I was learning how to live,
I have been learning how to die.