Symphony of Science : Children of Africa “Singabantwana beAfrika” Remix download

John Boswell’s amazing anthropological melodisation mashup (featuring scientists Jacob Bronowski, Alice Roberts, Carolyn Porco, Jane Goodall, Robert Sapolsky, Neil deGrasse Tyson and David Attenborough) is brought firmly onto African soil in this Xhosa language remix with Ntuthu Nyiki and Jerome Sitengile.

Ulwandle (The Ocean)download

Ntuthu Nyiki delivered this – words, melody and performance, in one take, over a smouldering bed of strings, guitars and keys. So heed her voice: “Ulwandle lubanzi” – the ocean is deep. ©Nic Paton 2011.

Arc of the Crane

An elegant cello etude from “Wilderness Within”; the grace of gliding flight. ©Nic Paton / Fat Mama Publishing 2011.

Skip and Jump

From Kids collection “Twana Toons”, a carefree whistle figure with claps, calabash, cheeky bass clarinet, rambunctious talking drum, and impish mouth harp. ©Nic Paton / Fat Mama Publishing 2011.

Rih (Wind)

This ones got a one-way ticket to Al Jazeera! Hot winds off the desert, and the sinewy sounds of Zouk, Clarinet, Darbouka and Udu. ©Nic Paton 2011.

12 thoughts on “2011 in 5 tracks

  1. Hi Trevor – thanks for listening, honoured to have you drop by. I’m glad you can hear the Clay Drum (Udu) you made, at last.

    “Afro Folkie” – there’s a new genre. Exploit! Exploit!

    1. Hi Kurt. Looks like its been a hectic year for you; at least it looks that way on IMDB in the editing department! (

      Anyway I hope you are managing to balance the demands of career and calling well.

      Thanks for the comment and I look forward to more interaction.

  2. Thanks, Nic, for this good news and the good music. Congratulations on your perseverance. I’m glad things are working out well. Keep it up. Pat

  3. dear N – thanks for sending this…particularly loved deepocean and hot wind!!

  4. Very enjoyable, Nic! The broad range of instruments, styles and rhythms shows off your versatility. May 2012 be even better than 2011!

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