mam028-fairytales-fantasy_cover“Fairytales and Fantasy” is a collaboration between Nic Paton and John Bartmann, for unique Munich-based production library DNA Musik (Minds and Music)

Rooted in fantasy, folklore and nature, this collection ranges from regal fanfare to delicate siren song, from fierce mythical conflict to solemn ritual, and from epic adventure to children’s lullaby.

The connections between big screen orchestration and folky acoustica has been made with freshness and verve, using a wide array of live instrumentation. Hear for example the medieval strains of the cittern in
Kings and Queens“, the mesmerizing violin on “Procession of the Druids“, or the achingly seductive Celtic flute on “Magical Journey“.

German architect/painter Matthias Brandner was specially commissioned by DNA for the verdantly evocative artwork.

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