The fruit of the last few months is a new album of production music on Mama Dance entitled “Twana Toons”.

From the coy to the exuberant, the quizzical to the triumphant; from playful grooves and rambunctious riffs to sweet, soothing lullabies, “Twana Toons”  is a scintillatingly fresh cross-over of production-ready African children’s music.

Twana comes from the Xhosa “Mntwana” for child.

Musically, theres a big variety of intrumentation: mandolin, acoustic guitars, bongos, calabash, ektara, valiha, accordian, balafon, talking drum, tuba, clarinets, charango, piano, xylophone, kalimba, music box, and vocals.

Listen to the 3 minute sampler:

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