“Wide Horizons” celebrates and invites expansiveness, appealing to a sense of joyous adventure and awe, while also passing beyond the immediate field of normal vision into the darker, more numinous spaces of the soul.

Featuring a wide array of exotic and African instruments (including for example the karimba/kalimba, valiha and cittern), much of the music is a synthesis of the deeply African and the universally cinematic. Worth hearing are the impressively original vocals of collaborator Ntutu Nyiki, cinematic vocalisation diva.

This collection will appeal to mythmakers and dream weavers, those whose trade is travel, nature or the exotic. It will equally appeal to film directors and creative visionaries who need original and compelling World/African soundtracks to support the tales they are telling … “Wide Horizons” creates the sublime spaces that powerful stories demand.

Available for media use from Mama Dance as MD118 Space and Story 2 – Wide Horizons.