A fortnight ago, I launched a musical project, “Nordic Nights”. Intended as a sort of musical travelogue of the North, I was surprized to discover what others heard in it. I intended a study in sound of the Aurora Borealis, and the long polar night, but people heard it through an altogether different filter.

For example, one astute listener said,

“Astonishingly appropriate music for the period in which we are living … I experienced a pathos, a yearning, a lamenting, echoes of the Irish caoineadh (crying) … these are extraordinary, thought-provoking pieces of music that I wish could be available to people who are ‘shut-in’ on themselves and petrified of others at this time.”

To be shut-in, petrified, quarantined: for many of us, in this time of crisis, the world as we have known it is simply fading to black. The mysteries of life hover like sprites about our every move, our every breath. As the Irish would have it, it is a “thin place” between worlds, a revelation and a billion apocalypses, filled with the unknown, and with unlimited possibility too. Overwhelming mystery!

Over the forthcoming time, I am going to be exploring this, documenting the thoughts, feelings and responses to this time of crisis.

One of my contributions, which will form a soundtrack of sorts to this process, is to re-focus on another musical work I released 5 years ago, whose time is I believe, upon us now. This is “Valley Of The Shadow – Rites of Loss”, a suite which explores the various moods and stages of loss: for starters, loss of “normal”, loss of freedom, and loss of status.

I will be revealing more as this process unfolds.

1 thought on “An Unexpected Shadow

  1. I particularly like the first track. It is relaxing, and in spite of hearing troubled undertones, there is a quiet andless sort of resignation in the soundscape that appeals to me. Well done.

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