Amidst the chaos, anxiety and fear of this time, the hope of a new way of living and relating is also dawning. Unprecedented outpourings of yearning, affection and empathy are everywhere. People are expressing their deepest feelings with the sudden awareness that we cannot take for granted this life we have been given.

For many of us, it’s not easy to live in such intensity. We need to find ways to help us cope with our feelings, to channel them, to have them held. At this time, we need a priest, one who can stand between us and the Unfathomable.

Apart from silence, one of the most reliable intermediaries for this hallowed function, is music. Songs, sounds, and compositions have held me since I can remember. In the Temple of Memory, words, voices and melodies have been the balm, the wisdom, the intimate companion; literally, the soundtrack to my life.

It is against this backdrop that I created “Valley Of The Shadow”, to provide a holding medium for our collective processes of loss, and I will be re-launching it next week.

I am also dedicating all download sales for the remainder of April to help both the Italian and my local South African efforts to deal with our crisis. More details to follow.

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