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Nordic Nights: as the world falls silent, may this music speak

“Nordic Nights”, my 30th album, and the most enthralling project I have done in years, is now out on Munich-based Minds and Music. At it’s heart is a conversation between South and North, an interaction […]

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Microtension and more…

You want WHAT? Musical tension, but no melody or harmony? This was the approach used for Microtension and its creepy relative Mystery Underscores.  

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From Eerie to Airy: Dark and Light Afro Soundscapes

Double Album Bonus!  Dark Afro Soundscapes and Light Afro Soundscapes from Mama Dance cover both hemispheres of your emotional needs… from the deliciously dark to the uplifted light, from the eerie to the airy. It’s […]

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Pwang! A popup portfolio.

I’ve been writing music for visuals for the last 8 years, but only recently have I reviewed this and discovered upwards of 40 video pieces, from commercials to documentaries, where my music has been used. While […]

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¡Nueva música! The sounds of nature, South America style.

¡Hola! Out now – my all South American music collection (with Evolution Media Music) with charango, laúd, cuica, bandoneon. Expect trippy minor plucking, bustling forest percussion, mountain peak moments, and Tango accordion (super melancólico) in […]

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“African Desert Blues” – African Guitar Axe-travaganza

In the mold of Tinariwen and Ali Farka Toure, I am part of an African Blues compilation with guitar luminaries from legendary South African acts Johnny Clegg Band, Freshlyground and Bright Blue. Read and hear more […]

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Listen to “The One” (complete album)

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Announcing “The One”

For the past 4 years, I have been shaping a musical composition in the context of a journey of discovery with a widening circle of friends both local and international. Based on the great Persian […]

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Sounds of the Universe with Spitfire Audio, NASA and Eric Whitacre

Esteemed sonic auteurs Spitfire Audio are holding a competition to score 5 NASA videos using their LABS Choir sampler based on choral composer Eric Whitacre’s choir. Compositionally, there are 2 major challenges The films are only […]

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Scoring Shuster’s Frank & Fearless

Gatta-patatta! Leon Shuster is evolving – from big fart to big heart, SA’s funnyman is learning to spare a thought for the rhinos. I scored his latest cinema release, “Frank And Fearless”, directed by Gray Hofmeyr. […]

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