Passing through this together: “Valley Of The Shadow” re-launched.


Today is “Good Friday”, and I wish you Every Good. The power of this lies in a generously universal truth: Life comes from that which dies. But in so doing, it goes through a process.

 The new video above is the final track “While I Thought (Mentre Pensavo)”, from “Valley Of The Shadow – Rites Of Loss”, a musical suite about the stages of loss and grief. It’s time is right now, as the world learns about letting go, and release, and at the same time feels the birth pangs and hopes of something completely new.

I would hope that this music touches you, at a deep personal level, and maybe it will contribute to relief. But coupled with this I want to support the victims and the vulnerable at this time. Cyril Ramaphosa, the South African president, has just taken a 33% paycut; I will be giving 100% of the proceeds from my download sales, for the rest of April, to 2 organisations:

  • Specchio dei tempi – Mirror of the times based in Turin Italy, near the centre of that nations devastating epidemic. Tutta la forza in Italia!
  • Home Of Compassion Ministries based in Delft, Cape Town, South Africa, an NGO (non-government organisation) working with the most desperate neighborhoods on the apartheid-designed Cape Flats, who despite their deprivation, have a well-formed campaign to feed thousands of hungry people in their during the South African lock-down, extended just last night.

And now it is time for the music to speak:

As we pass through this together, in sound and in silence, keep safe, secure, and centred.

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  1. Berry Behr 10/04/2020 at 16:01 #

    Thank you Nic, this music transcends all that we think and takes us into all that we are – humanity healing itself, healing the world. Your music has touched me deeply.

  2. Anne Swart 10/04/2020 at 16:40 #

    Thank you Nick, really beautiful.

  3. Freda 21/04/2020 at 10:08 #

    What a beautiful response in a time like this! Your music is so touching.

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