With expectations kept minimal and well below the level of any tall-poppy delusions, I have been more than surprised at the enthusiasm shown for the limited release of my second songwriter album “Bigger Than Me”.

“Brilliant … from the ever gifted South African musician, Nic Paton. Long overdue!”

 “A rich, colourful journey of exceptional songwriting and craftsmanship. Brings to mind my favourite artists from the 70’s. Favorite track: Home”

“I love all of everything I hear…. such amazing variety.”

And with that, I can announce the full release, on all platforms, of the album.

To accompany it, a second video is “Absent Friends”. The song was penned many years ago, but has taken on a poignancy for us in this age of such painful, personal change and loss.

I encourage you to give the music a chance – it has been forged over a long period, and expresses a wide diversity of styles, influences and perspectives.

Thank you for travelling with me … Phambili! Onwards!

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