I've been writing music for visuals for the last 8 years, but only recently have I reviewed this and discovered upwards of 40 video pieces, from commercials to documentaries, where my music has been used. While many of them are well below the radar, the cumulative views are over a million.

I've put the best on the page watch/selected footage, added my recent cinematic showreel, and created a YouTube playlist.

It's fascinating to see how ideas work together through collaboration, at times very intimately and at others almost accidentally. For example:

Iziko Slave Museum – The Slave Calendar

Stylish and moving promo video by Geometry/Ogilvy for Iziko Slave Museum, using the track “SINKING DOWN”.

How to Shuck an Oyster

Shlurp! Using LEMUR JAMBOREE off “Sun People”.

Artist profile – Hélène Soete

“Portes ouvertes des ateliers d’artistes – Hélène Soete” Ceramics documentary teaser.

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