Sounds of the Universe with Spitfire Audio, NASA and Eric Whitacre

Esteemed sonic auteurs Spitfire Audio are holding a competition to score 5 NASA videos using their LABS Choir sampler based on choral composer Eric Whitacre’s choir.

Compositionally, there are 2 major challenges

  1. The films are only between 30 sec and 1 min long.
  2. You are only allowed to use 1 single sound for the works.

Now 30 sec is not much time to say what you need to about such a profound subjects as, “The Universe”.  And asking a composer from any age let alone today’s explosively diverse sonic landscape, to use only one sound, sounds downright daft, non?

Here is that sound as middle C:

And so, here are my attempts to Sing the Universe.

“3D flythrough”

“Celestial Fireworks”

“The Bubble Nebula”

“Zoom In”

“Celestial Lightsabers”

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