Cheek&CharmOur Daily Ukulele – Cheek and Charm” is a fresh new collection of music on Africa’s premier production library, Mama Dance, from composer/multi-instrumentalist Nic Paton.

Featuring the hipster’s instrument of choice, these ukulele creations range between delicately plucked poignancy, sprightly African joyousness, thrashing carnival riffing and almost uncouth slapstick.

The recommended dose is daily if you want your footage to really come alive, reeling you in with irresistible charm then … BOOM! taking you out, as-cheeky-as-you-like!

As is most often the case with Nic’s music “Our Daily Ukulele” features a wide variety of styles and instruments, from the uke to the zouk, strings and reeds, African, European and World all mixed in. There’s Klopse, Gypsy, Skiffle, Beat Box, Palm Wine, String Quartet, something for everyone, while maintaining a fresh and original sound.

The 2 minute SoundCloud sampler includes “Malay Gassy”, “Moon Waltz”, “Lanie”, “Easy Over”, and “Short and Sweet”.

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