In these hard-boiled times, spare a thought for your own humanity. When times are tough, don’t beat yourself up. Let “the soft animal of your body love what it loves” (Mary Oliver, thank you). We hurt, we feel, we yearn, we love. Ons is mense almal; we’re all human, people!

So, to some music that I hope helps. Out now on Munich’s Minds and Music, this is “Romance & Relationships”. Sweet, but not saccharine. Sentimental, but not syrupy. Stirred, but not shaken.

Delicate piano, genial acoustic guitars, warm strings, and gently unfurling melodies. Holding spaces that require subtlety and sensitivity, this is the sound of living and loving. For all your seduction cues, “Romance & Relationships” is your cuddliness one-stop shop.