A project that has been gathering steam over the last 18 months is “untamed” with Francois le Roux, Isaac van der Merwe and myself, Nic Paton.

This is music like you have never heard: and that’s a literally true statement because we write it as we play it.

Its un-premeditated, raw, risky, at times ridiculous and at others sublime. Multi-disciplinary, multi-instrumental, multi-generational; a genre-bending, wholehearted conversation between a few quite differing musicians who are prepared to risk talking to each other.

See our upcoming event in Cape Town.

We consist of Francois le Roux, aka the Ha!Man, an internationally acclaimed, classically-trained cellist and pianist and a seasoned and well-known improviser who has performed all over the world, and Isaac van der Merwe is a promising 15-year-old composer, pianist and percussionist and cellist, and myself.

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