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ssh … the sound of “small”

The Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose (J. B. S. Haldane) Listen closely … what does “small” sound like? Closer … what do you hear? Zoom into […]

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Nordic Nights: as the world falls silent, may this music speak

“Nordic Nights”, my 30th album, and the most enthralling project I have done in years, is now out on Munich-based Minds and Music. At it’s heart is a conversation between South and North, an interaction […]

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Mystery Underscores (2019)

2 tracks for “Mystery Underscores” (EMM275) on Evolution Media Music. Dark, unnerving, pensive intrigue.    

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Microtension (2019)

My 3-track contribution to “Microtension” on Evolution Media Music (EMM278). This pitch was interesting: use bare minimal harmony or melody but create maximum tension. Try this at home? At your peril! 

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From Eerie to Airy: Dark and Light Afro Soundscapes

Double Album Bonus!  Dark Afro Soundscapes and Light Afro Soundscapes from Mama Dance cover both hemispheres of your emotional needs… from the deliciously dark to the uplifted light, from the eerie to the airy. It’s […]

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