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ssh … the sound of “small”

The Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose (J. B. S. Haldane) Listen closely … what does “small” sound like? Closer … what do you hear? Zoom into […]

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Mystery Underscores (2019)

2 tracks for “Mystery Underscores” (EMM275) on Evolution Media Music. Dark, unnerving, pensive intrigue.    

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From Eerie to Airy: Dark and Light Afro Soundscapes

Double Album Bonus!  Dark Afro Soundscapes and Light Afro Soundscapes from Mama Dance cover both hemispheres of your emotional needs… from the deliciously dark to the uplifted light, from the eerie to the airy. It’s […]

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TV, Ads, Docs

A more complete YouTube playlist can be found here Using El Djouf (Space and Story) Film by Manu Virani. The story of Naivasha through the eyes of an African Fish Eagle. Dr. Virani explores the […]

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Pwang! A popup portfolio.

I’ve been writing music for visuals for the last 8 years, but only recently have I reviewed this and discovered upwards of 40 video pieces, from commercials to documentaries, where my music has been used. While […]

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Soundscaping Africa

2 Soundscape albums are now available on Mama Dance! Music Library, reflecting the light and dark sides, with subtle African instrumental flavourings. “Dark Afro Soundscapes” (MD205) are deliciously dark and eerie drones and pulses for […]

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2 UK releases: “African Chillout” and “Haunting Beauty”

Following my eventful trip to London in July 2017, I am thrilled to announce the release of my music on 2 very different collections. Firstly, don’ wurry be ‘uppy: “African Chillout” is relaxing, fresh, contemporary […]

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African Chillout (2018)

African SundownerSun DropKavango SpringSingabantwana Relaxing, fresh, contemporary African grooves on British world production library Brilliant!

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Action! “Dramatic Themes” now out on Auz library Strange Fruit.

“Dramatic Themes” is the new album with Melbourne-based production library Strange Fruit. It’s been refreshing to produce an internationalist sound, using an orchestral and pianistic backbone with jazz flavours, evocative instrumentation and contemporary sonic palettes. […]

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